After four editions of the festival held in Croatia and the region, as well as internationally, and many series of guest exhibitions, seminars and events dealing with issues of the body, physical and social norms, Extravagant Bodies 2019 festival places focus on the complexity of love as an emotional and sexual category inbetween lust and friendship.

An international exhibition, performances, workshops, talks with artists and a conference bring together artists, researchers and scientists who are re-examining, deconstructing and re-constructing what it means to love, whom we can love and how to express that love.

Extravagant love brings to the surface new perspectives of love, love with a twist, which we live and consume every day. It tests out what it means to love another, others, one’s surrounding or oneself when the expectations set by society and the global and local milieu are uprooted. It provides a look at the future that we are living today, demolishing expectations and building new ideas of romantic love, the family and friendship.

The Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Love festival is bringing together over thirty internationally acclaimed artists and researchers, from Croatia and the immediate region and the world at large, who are going to respond to the issues of the festival with interdisciplinary, interactive and ambiental installations, video works, photos, artist’s books, manifestos, lectures and performances.

The festival includes an international exhibition, lectures, workshops, a conference and an entertainment program in three Croatian cities: Korčula, Split and Zagreb.

The curatorial team is made up of renowned curator from Norway, Stahl Stenslie and our curators from Croatia, Klara Petrović and Luja Simunović (KONTEJNER).


HALA V of The Nikola Tesla Technical Museum (Zagreb), Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb), Korčula Home of Culture (Korčula), Cinema Mediteran (Korčula), Beton cinema - Youth Center (MKC, Split), AKC Medika (Zagreb)