The Self-Advocacy Association (HR) Stories of Self Advocates

video, 2010

The Stories of Self-Advocates started in the framework of the project Video Advocacy for Community Living, which the Self-Advocacy Association conducted in 2009 in association with the Open Society Institute. Self-advocates have had the chance to tell something of themselves and their lives, according to their own choice, and the stories are documented with the camera. The basic idea is that every tale has its own value, irrespective of the content, and from this idea a multitude of different interesting stories of self-advocates have developed. This DVD consists of seven short tales of self-advocates, although during the course of the project many more were collected and recorded. The stories cover different topics: getting out of the institution, being legally competent, living in the community, family, romantic love and the right to get married.

The Self-Advocacy Association (HR)

The Self-Advocacy Association is a non-governmental, not-for-profit association that was founded in Zagreb in 2003. It was set up by members of a self-advocacy group that had while working together over the course of many years acquired skills of self-determination and self-advocacy. It is the first and as of the present time the only association in Croatia, as well as in the region as a whole that has been founded by people with intelectual difficulties and the only one that enables them to express their own needs independently and to stand up for their right to exercise their rights.