Zoran Todorović (RS) Noise

Video installation, 1998

The video Noise was recorded with a specially designed camera, most easily described as a hybrid between a security camera and a street photo booth, recording stories, messages and performances by those who were willing to share them. The video consist of material recorded at three different locations: in a square, in a prison and in a psychiatric hospital. The motivation behind this work is the need to address the coding of public discourse carried out by the state and other political or economic power-figures. By recording the live voices of different social groups, particularly those commonly considered marginal, and deviant, the usual system of representation and the concept of the representative, official interpreter, leader, journalist and expert are questioned. The work has no pretension to represent anyone, rather attempts to generate noise in the system of speech codified in this way, offering every voice, even the quietest, the chance to be heard.

Zoran Todorović (RS)

Media artist, Zoran Todorović was born in Belgrade, in 1965. He earned a degree, painting major, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, but is best known for his new media and video work. He lives and works in Belgrade where he holds the the assistant professor position at the Faculty of Fine Arts, of the University of Arts in Belgrade. Todorović exhibited his works in numerous leading media art institutions and events in Europe and beyond, and was the author of the Serbian pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale. His works often deal with issues of surveillance and control, shedding light on uncomfortable truths and concealed motivations. In 2000 Todorović won the 41st October Salon award in Belgrade and in 2001 the International Media Art Award in Karlsruhe.